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Introducing the WATER SMACKER! Micro cluster and charge your drinking water bottle!

FOR SALE NOW! $350.00 Introductory price. Two year warranty. Charge up to 3 water bottles per day.

Smack your 32oz. drinking water bottle and raise the pH and lower the ORP!!

Micro clustered water when frozen makes perfect snowflakes due to the lining up of the water molecules. Work of Dr. Emoto
Normal macro clustered water looks like welding slag when frozen and no line up of the molecules. The water smacker
magnetically line up the water molecules that will also line up your cell molecules in your body and blood.

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Come visit the Tesla Tech Conference in New Mexico, the end of July 2016 and listen to Bob talk
about the Water Smacker and Battery Smacker and other Tesla subjects. Become a Water Smacker dealer.

World best HOME drinking water systems!! Ionized high ph Water that cleans your blood!

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Made in USA

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