Micro clustered water when frozen makes perfect snowflakes due to the lining up of the water molecules.Work of Dr. Emoto
Normal macro clustered water looks like welding slag when frozen and no line up of the molecules. The water smacker
magnetically line up the water molecules that will also help line up your cell molecules in your body and blood.
The hydrogen ionized water absorbs into your body better and quench's your thirst better. Ionized water is similar
to water at the bottom of the waterfall. Water that feels silky to your touch. What does bad water look like when frozen?

Industrial River Water / Urban city water
Melted Snow/Water from Bezoya Spring


You can hold your drinking water glass over your heart
and pray over the water and have the molecules change.
Many scientic tests have proven this, but hard to believe,
the power of our mind over matter.


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World best HOME drinking water systems!! Ionized high ph Water that cleans your blood!

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